5 Exercises for developing the bibs

The upper part of the chest is by far the most difficult to develop. The middle and lower areas are somewhat easier to train since they can be involved in several exercises, such as flat bench presses with a barbell or stretches on the declined bench with oxymetholone (anadrol). Getting better in these exercises is easier, thanks to the fact that most of the chest muscle fibers are oriented in that direction.

adduction of the humerus, it is the angle at which the humerus is inclined with respect to the body that acts on the upper part of the chest.

Having a developed chest not only contributes to the fullness of the upper body but also has some functional benefits. In fact, a sufficient size and mass can confer greater strength in the execution of the exercises with the barbell.

Warming Up

The ideal goal is to develop a bigger chest, but lifting weights without preparing your muscles for intensive training will not give the results you imagine.

Experience a quick warm-up:

✓ 1 x push up with wide grip

✓ 1 x push up with medium grip

✓ (if possible) 1 x push up declined, to make the chest work from all angles.

Tip for beginners and professionals:

Taking a pre-workout 30 minutes before starting the training session can provide the energy boost needed to overcome your potential until the last repetitions!

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# 1 Cable crosses on an incline bench

This is one of the most suitable exercises to isolate the muscles of the upper chest. Doing these exercises with cables rather than dumbbells allows you to exert constant pressure directly on the muscle fibers of the upper chest. This pressure could not be achieved with the dumbbells due to the curvature of the movement, without considering gravity. I recommend you perform these exercises after training on the barbell or with the dumbbells because in this way it will be less tiring for the central nervous system.


tips ✓ Bench position around 45 degrees.

✓ Lower the lower cables with an arc movement, so as to feel the extension of the pectorals.

✓ Change the position of the bench to involve different angles of the upper pectorals.

✓ Hold and contract the chest muscles when your hands have joined.

# 2 Incline bench

presses with dumbbells, In my opinion, the best exercise to add mass to the upper chest is the incline bench presses with dumbbells. Including a short break at the end of the movement allows for maximum involvement of the upper pectoral fibers. You will have to use a lighter weight in order to take advantage of this break, but the contraction is far greater.

I recommend performing this exercise during a workout with a high volume, and low or moderate weight, in order to derive maximum benefit from it.


tips ✓ Palms of the hands joined, arms positioned at shoulder height - wrists turned towards the ceiling (see picture).

✓ Exhale as you push up the dumbbells - stay in control every time.

✓ Lower the weights slowly

✓ Vary the inclination of the bench to involve different inclinations of the chest.

5 Exercises for developing the bibs

# 3 Incline bench

presses with barbell Incline bench presses with a barbell are perfect for the development of muscle mass for the upper chest. An advantage of the barbell over the dumbbells concerns the increase in weight. The barbell allows the addition of smaller increments, making progress more gradual. For example, it is more realistic to be able to increase the weight of the barbell by 1.25 kg per part, rather than increasing the weight of the dumbbells by 2.5 kg per part.

Although the bar allows a limited range of movements, and even less the humerus adduction, including a break at the end will again allow you to involve more muscle fibers than the fibers of the upper pectorals.

We recommend performing this exercise during a workout with high volume and low or moderate weight, in order to get the most out of the exercise.

Training Tips

✓ Bench approximately 30 degrees inclined - hands positioned slightly wider than the shoulders.

✓ Place the bar straight in front of you, closing your arms to fix the starting position.

✓ The bar should be slightly lowered until it reaches the level of the pectoral muscles.

✓ Push the bar upwards using your chest muscles - close your arms by contracting them.

# 4 The Inclined Hammer Strength

The inclined hammer strength allows a complete contraction of the upper chest. The fact that the machine was designed to act only on the upper part of the chest makes it perfect for this type of exercise.

It can also be useful for those with injuries, especially in the shoulders, and cannot work with the barbell or dumbbells without experiencing pain.

In addition, the inclined hammer strength means that if you cannot complete a rep, you can lower the machine again, without any danger of hurting yourself.

I recommend you perform this exercise in addition to the barbell or dumbbells.

Training Tips

✓ Make sure to position the seat height so that the bar is level with your chest.

✓ Press the shoulder blades against the seat and push out using the chest straps.

✓ Exhale as you push the bar, keeping the contraction when you stop.

✓ Slowly return to the starting position.

# 5 The Landmine Chest Press

The Landmine Chest Press is not a common exercise, however, it does provide several benefits for chest development.

It can be performed while standing so it can improve the stability and strength of the abdominal muscles. In addition, it can also be done using one arm at a time - unilaterally. Although not always necessary, it can be done to increase focus on each part of the chest muscles.

It can also be inserted in a Cardio Circuit type workout by increasing the number of repetitions and including a jump in the movement, or it can be done as an exercise in strength and hypertrophy using a lower volume.

Training Tips

✓ Maintain correct posture while moving to avoid injury.

✓ Exhale during the push movement, inhale as you return to the initial position.

✓ Contract the bibs at the beginning of the movement.

Set & Repetitions

If your bibs are poorly trained, I suggest you choose two of these exercises and perform 1 at a time alternating them every time you train. If your bibs are already well developed but you still want to add mass, then I suggest you choose only one exercise.

The ideal number of sets and repetitions for each exercise could be as follows:

Exercise Set and Repetitions

Crosses to the cables on inclined bench 3-5 sets of 6-12 repetitions.

Incline dumbbell bench presses 2-4 sets of 5-10 reps.

Incline bench presses with barbell 2-4 sets of 5-10 reps.

Inclined Hammer Strength 2-4 sets of 5-10 reps.

Landmine Chest Press 3-5 sets of 6-12 reps.

For example, you could choose dumbbell or barbell stretches, followed by crosses to cables. I advise you to choose either the dumbbell or barbell stretchers and perform them first since they require more energy.

Once the first exercise has been performed, the second can be used to fully train the pectoral muscle fibers.

Thanks for reading and happy training!